About Us

Maestro Fruits Company is a well-known producer in the dried fruit market. Maestro Fruits is specialized in organic and conventional air-dried apple products.

The facility is equipped with latest generation production line by ABL machinery, as well as an Optical Sorting machine that guarantees a high level of the product.

Thanks to the new spacious cold storage warehouse for raw material, we are able to supply to our customers fresh product throughout the whole year.


The geographical position and favorable weather conditions provide perfect climate for growing the best varieties of apples for drying (Idared, Champion, Gala, Golden, Jonagold, Florena), which are distinguished by their pronounced taste and prominent aromas, allowing Maestro Fruits to produce commodities with various skin color (red, yellow, green) and taste (sweet, sweet-sour, tart).


Air dried apple products are available in different categories such as: dices, pieces, chips, slices, flakes and rings at different humidity levels, with/without additives etc. We also offer a wide range of packaging  both bulk and retail.

Maestro Fruits Company accumulated vast experience during the years, becoming a supplier for big European producers of muesli and granola, baby food, fruit tea, cereal bars, pet food etc.


Having a large production capacity we are working tirelessly to conquer new markets and establish successful relationships with new partners.